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    We are an established provider of Oilfield rental tools with full time operating units in Provost, Weyburn, and Kindersley. We also provide seasonal and project specific stations in Fort St. John, Fort McMurray, LacLaBiche and others as customers require.

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Available Tools For Rent

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Trilogy Rental Services

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Well control equipment including BOP’s for service rigs and coil rigs, mobile accumulators, annular BOP packages and RS100 heads, full opening 7 1/16th orbit and gate valves.

Pipe handling tools including 4.5” equipment packages for service rigs.

Drilling support tools, collars, substitutes, pack offs, flanges, spools, swages, mobile catwalks, casing scrapers, safety trailers (mobile breathing air), catwalks, swab equipment, cleanout tools in tubing bailer and rotating jet nozzle styles, slip type elevators from 1.6” to 7”, basically from the crown flags to the bit and everything in between.

Everything from well preparation in advance of getting latched to complete dressing of the fish to be removed. Wash over services, casing repairs, milling, drilling and jarring. We supply everything from the mill to the power swivel, over shots, bumper subs, jars, intensifiers, drill collars etc.

As an added bonus, whenever possible the tool hand delivers the tools on one of our mobile catwalks.

Experienced supervision available on request.

Performance drilling tools including dimples, motor heads, customized mills and bits. Pulse generators and agitators, bi directional jars, floats, disconnects and diverter subs.

Cleanout packages including rotating jet nozzles, venturi tools, agitators, indexing tools, knuckle joints, junk subs and fishing tools.

Complete custom thru tubing packages for internal tubing cutting that include, dimple, motor head, bi directional jars, anchors, performance drilling motors and customized hydraulic cutters.

Well specific tool strings for frac ports and other horizontal completion systems requiring plug removal. Customized mills, motors and agitation packages for the various scenarios encountered.

Performance drilling motors from 45mm to 158mm, pressure balanced sealed bearing technology on the bottom end through to customized power sections for fluid or air drilling. 25 years experience with owned equipment. We own our tools and track all service and repair records to ensure fresh, capable tools are run in the well.

Power swivels. Trailer mounted swivel packages for all remedial drilling and fishing operations.

Accessory tools for drilling. Everything and anything you can imagine, from the bit or mill to the pack off and everything in between. Collars, subs, load cells, handling tools, safety valves, casing scrapers, etc.

Mills and bits.

From thru tubing sizes to surface bits on drilling rigs. Mills from thru tubing sizes to inside 13 5/8 casing, custom cutting structures, blade profiles, nozzles and shapes. Bits, mills, pdcs, plug removal tools, wash shoes all available in custom stylings.

Bridge plugs in wireline set, tubing conveyed and retrievable Wr style.

Cement retainers and remedial work over tools.

Packers in permanent, retrievable and inflatable styles.

Service tools including no turns, swivels, profiles, drains etc.

Specialty tools including thru tubing packers, composite plugs, dump bailers, cleanout packages and equalizing valves.

Repair services on obsolete tools provided if parts are available.

All services offered with experienced and competent supervision.

Horizontal completion packages include down hole ball retrieval assemblies for stac frac balls swabbed or bailed into the well bore. Customized rental packages to handle tie back strings etc. also available to augment the frac port and seat drilling services.